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07 November, 2009

Turindra Corp. expanded its business expansion in the district of Klaten

Klaten (07.11) Turindra Corp. expanded its business expansion in the district of Klaten. Through Cellular Turindra business units doing business development with the establishment of counter pulses in the district of Klaten district Tulung. The opening of a new counter in the Klaten district is one of the programs of the new management in Turindra Cellular. Since in doing a management reshuffle on May 16, 2009 Turindra Cellular significant increase in the acquisition of the first quarterly profit and this is affected by the open branches in the district of Klaten regency tulung.

According to the President of Turindra Corporation said "The opening of this branch is Turindra Cellular as one of creating jobs and develop entrepreneurial spirit, and this also helps citizens, especially citizens of the Village Kranggan Sedayu hamlet Tulung Klaten district". From the observation post in the field Turindra indeed in terms of the selected locations are considered highly accurate because people want to buy Kranggan if they had to cross the toll to the neighboring hamlet of just 3 Km.

General Manager Turindra Celullar Sri Windarti said that the open branch of Cellular Turindra this is the beginning of a business expansion program as well as empowerment for communities to raise welfare masyrakat. "We will always be committed to doing the things that can improve people's welfare, then wait for our program," said a woman who climbed the mountain hobby. (azs)

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