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07 November, 2009

Anggodo in story - In the epic story of Ramayana versions of Java, there is a piece of theater that could be quite interesting to contemplate. Back Anggodo story or Anggodo insubordination.

This piece plays an important part of the story that illustrates the battle between the Kingdom of Ayodya against Lanka as Rama, the lord of Ayodya, wanted to take back Shinta, his wife, who was stolen Ravana as they hunt in the woods Dandaka.

Yes, the loss of his wife and the spirit of taking another man's wife are two conflicting interests, ultimately inevitable physical battle. At the beginning of the war is told, Rama did not know where the country is the geographical position of Lanka, where his wife hostage. Then he sent troops led Anoman apes.

Anoman successfully investigate and investigate how far and how strong the country of Lanka. Anoman returned to Ayodya after he gave a wedding ring to Rama Shinta. However, success also Anoman making tracks, burn the land of Lanka to ashes. Then he came home to report the success of his mission.

To conquer Ravana, Rama then sent one senopatinya named Anggodo. He is a red haired apes have great magical power. Because, Anggodo Vali was the son of the wife of an angel named Tara.

True, Anggodo finally left with the troops to Lanka, following the map that was prepared by Anoman. Arriving in Lanka, Ravana Anggodo met. However, it became Anggodo troubled heart, when Ravana was reported that the death of Vali, his father, is because the arrow of Rama.

Anggodo increasingly upset when he found out one of Ravana's wife, the Dance, is the twin brother of Tara, her mother. Anggodo then turned around, he disobeyed the command of Rama. Anggodo just wanted to destroy Rama.

War became more exciting because Anggodo also have an interest, namely revenge for the death of his father. He forgot that all this has been paid by Rama for the feasibility of his life. He was also appointed as one of Ayodya warlords. Anggodo forget all that. Rahwanalah provocation that now inhabit the hearts Anggodo.

However, in the end have to deal with Anggodo Anoman, younger cousin who is more loved by God. Anggodo successfully awakened even have to go through a grueling fight.

Anggodo became the central figure contested by Rama and Ravana. Through Anggodo, Rama wanted to attract back the kidnapped wife of Ravana. And, through Anggodo, Ravana wanted to destroy the kingdom of Ayodya.

Both sides shared a strong capital. Rama felt he had supported Anggodo with high enough rank. Ravana felt that Anggodo are actually cousins. Minus the value is in the eye of Rama is Anggodo, Rama killed Vali, his father. While there minus the value of Ravana is the king of this giant hostage Shinta, Rama's wife, who is also the god Anggodo.

Pieces of Java version of the epic Ramayana has been told for years, staged in the form of wayang kulit, wayang wong or ballet. If now there is someone named Anggodo so surprising many people, probably just a coincidence.

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