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13 December, 2009

Vote for komodo

Position Komodo (varanus comodoensis) began shifting from the seven wonders of the world finalists (seven wonders nature). Ancient animals believed to be the "last dinosaur on earth" was bumped from the top five positions to 17 from 28 finalists.

"Almost half a year since July 2009, the animal inhabitants of rare Komodo Island at the western end of Flores Island is still in the top five positions after the Amazon forest in Brazil, Bu Tinah Island in United Arab Emirates, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and Iguanzu River Falls in Brazil, "said the head of the Office of Tourism Arts and Culture NTT Ansgerius Takalapeta in Kupang, Saturday (12/12).

However, now slipping away Komodo position to rank 17 of the 28 finalists seven wonders of the world, he said and added, drop Komodo position allegedly because of the weakening of support from the community.

"In the past few months, telecommunications services in NTT is very, very bad, so to access the Internet through a single Speedy network, as well as difficult," said Takalapeta.

"Perhaps because of this telecommunications network which causes weakening of support from NTT, because Terhadang factor. We hope that PT Telkom may consider this issue," he said.

To provide support to the Komodo dragon as one of the seven wonders of the world, must go through "vote" on the Internet through www.new7wonders.

Takalapeta invites all people to succeed the election arena by giving voice through

"We have until 2011 to vote and make the island of Komodo in the seven wonders of the world," he said

vote for komodo in here

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