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16 December, 2009

UNESCO award for women giving Indonesia

Jakarta - Do not just assume she is identical with household affairs. So smart thinkers also alias scientists, who fear.

onsistency and commitment to promoting science, especially in Indonesia, is needed. That is why we give awards for female researchers in the Women in Science this, "said Executive Director Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology, Dr. Herawati Sudoyo, Thursday (3 / 12).

Woman role of Indonesia in the field of science and technology began to receive attention from agencies of the United Nations (UN) which focus their activities in education, science, and organizational culture (the United Nations for Education, Science and Cultural Organization / UNESCO).

The event that gives awards for her research also received support from the government and the international cosmetics, L'oreal. Since the 'Woman in Science; introduced in 2004, 14 young women researchers Indonesia has received.

"Three of them won awards at the international level," added Herawati.

Professor Dr Arief Rachman, M. Pd, education leaders wrote also Chief Executive of the National Commission for UNESCO utuk Indonesia, said that the assessment criteria consist of

several aspects. That originality, impact on science and technology, and contributions

research on the development and progress of the nation and humanity

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