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31 March, 2011

Google : Happy Brithday Bunsen

Lovers of practical Science, today is the 200th birthday of Robert Bunsen, a German Chemist who developed the laboratory gas burner, now popular as the "Bunsen burner" and still in use today.

As usual, Google reminds the world of the occasion, this time with an interactive chemical laboratory doodle (did you recognize the flaming Bunsen burner?) – - TAKE A LOOK!

Robert "Wilhelm Eberhard" Bunsen was a pioneer in Chemistry (photochemistry), who played a key role in the discovery of elements Caesium and Rubidium (alkali metals), and the study of emission spectra of heated elements.

Being a practical man, Bunsen was one of the most admired scientists of his generation, who spent most of his time experimenting in his laboratory, and often discovering something.
Surprisingly he never patented his work, especially the "Bunsen Burner." Wonder how much wealth he would have made if he did.
Robert Bunsen Statue
While not many know of this, the "Bunsen–Kirchhoff Award," named after Bunsen and his colleague Gustav Kirchhoff, is a prize awarded in recognition for "outstanding achievements" in analytical spectroscopy [endowed with €2500 (~ $3530)].


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