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02 February, 2010

Heart disease


Heart disease is the number one killer in America. In Indonesia, the disease including the second biggest killer after cancer. A diet is the first point that can prevent this disease. There are four types of food that has proven it can reduce the risk of heart disease, namely:

1. Garlic. A number of studies have shown some benefit from this seasoning. Regular consumption of garlic can reduce high blood diseases, prevent blood clotting (cause of stroke), preventing an increase in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Garlic is also known to reduce or neutralize the bad effects of salt.

2. Salmon. Replace full-fat burgers with your favorite piece of salmon. Though sometimes good for body fat, but a small portion of fat (from the consumption of 1 / 2 pieces of burgers every day) will cause blockage in the arteries that can increase the risk of heart disease. Instead, the salmon will reduce the risk, as salmon contain omega-3 can prevent the heartbeat too fast, preventing or reducing the rate of enlargement of the arteries, increasing the amount of good fats in the body, and prevents cholesterol and split into the artery blockage.

3. Chery fruit and berries. Fruit is useful because it has a kind of substance that could prevent cell damage that can lead to clotting or blockage of blood vessels. If you have trouble getting fruits and berries (eg strawberries or blueberries) or fruit chery, then save it in significant amounts, if not seasons. In order not to get bored, mix in oatmeal or oatmeal, or use lemon juice. Fruits and berries are also good for improving your heart rate.

4. Red rice. Brown rice is a source of magnesium. These minerals (magnesium) can facilitate the flow of blood vessels. Magnesium deficiency can cause hypertension, heart attack, and heart rhythm disturbances. Brown rice does not need to be cooked too long. Serve with grilled vegetables, and roast chicken.

5. Chocolate. Hobbies drinking coffee? Try to replace it with a glass of hot chocolate. Rich hot chocolate with antioxidants. Even the number was more than 3 times as much green tea.

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